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Blast Proof Doors:

Blast Proof Doors "Airef" make Blast Doors are single/double wing doors to stop the advance of blast waves into the protected area. The blast doors, already manufactured by us, have been designed for a long duration blast load resistance of upto 26 bar peak reflected over pressure. The said parameter of blast load resistance (over pressure) can be enhanced to a much higher value as per specific requirements and specifications. The doors are fabricated out of structural steel with a doorplate of solid homogeneous steel plate stiffened by I-beams/ribs.

The door frame is designed for easy installation in the reinforced concrete wall. The door plate/frame assembly has an optimized pattern for transfer of the blast forces into surrounding wall. Door hinges are provided with maintenance free slide bearings or roller bearings. The blast doors are provided with suitable single/multiple gaskets for air tightness as per specifications. The sizes of the door can be as per requirement and the same can be either manually or automatically operated with the help of Pneumatic/Hydraulic/Electric mechanisms. Automatic doors, however, have manual override and both automatic & manual doors are capable to be operated manually from either side.




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