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Regenerative Carbon Dioxide Removal System:

Regenerative Carbon Dioxide Removal System Environmental control remains today as one of the dominant concern in the design of most heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, especially for enclosed spaces. A planned control of the physical environment is hence required to avoid conditions in an enclosed space reaching intolerable levels. The intolerable conditions might be created due to several factors like fall in the oxygen content, excessive odour and increase in the carbon dioxide concentration. Progressive increase in the level of carbon dioxide can be most fatal among all, resulting in physiological hazard. Hence, it is very vital to have a system that disallows the concentration of carbon dioxide in an enclosed space to grow beyond the threshold limit.

“Airef” make Regenerative Carbon Dioxide Removal System is capable of maintaining the carbon dioxide level within acceptable limits in any area devoid of fresh air. The carbon dioxide removal assembly constitutes of primarily resin beds which work on the adsorption principle. Resin used in the system has the property to bind the carbon dioxide molecules, while desorbs the same if heated to a certain temperature. The system thus designed works on regeneration principle.




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