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Vacuum Sewage System:

Vacuum Sewage System “Airef” make Vacuum Sewage System has been designed to collect sewage from multiple locations spread across a facility and into a central vacuum station for subsequent disposal/treatment. The basic principle of the system is generation and maintenance of vacuum (negative pressure) in the system with the help of carefully selected vacuum pumps, specific to the requirements of the facility. In such a case, when flushing is triggered, the system comes in contact with the atmospheric pressure for a brief period of time, thereby pulling the sewage and air into the system.

This eliminates the need for multiple collection tanks as all the sewage of an entire facility can be collected in the central storage tank (with comparatively much smaller pipeline diameters) for easy disposal of the same to outside the facility, hence reducing the incidents of leakage/foul smell in the inhabited areas. Also, there is substantial saving in the amount of water consumption as well as in the operation and maintenance costs when compared to conventional systems working on the principles of gravity flow.

The biggest advantage of the system is its ability to transport sewage against gravity i.e. in facilities where the collection tank is placed either at the same or at a higher level with respect to the toilets. In such cases, the sewage of an entire facility can be effortlessly collected into a single Central Vacuum Station with minimal complexity and substantially reduced operational costs and natural resource consumption.




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